Baker Racing

Josh and Beverly Baker


The Union County Fair Demo Derby!


TWO Big Nights!

 Friday, August 25, 2017


Saturday, August 28, 2017






Super Stock Big Cars and Bone Stock Big Cars Both Nights and Power Wheels


Both Nights!!




 Stock Mini Cars and Modified Mini Cars  Both Friday and Saturday Night!




------------------------Payouts will be the same both nights!


Stock Cars-Modified Mini Cars!

$1,000 First Place!


$500 Second Place!

$200 Third Place!




Stock Mini Cars-

$500 First Place!

$250 Second Place!

$100 Third Place!


Mad Dog award in all classes!!





Mini's 2-4 cycle--1 heat may be divided if enough register for the class


1 shot fields may be divided into heats if high car count.


Auto Tire and Parts NAPA

Anna Hardee's

Curt's Classics

Associated Lumber

Rod's Towing/Wright Brother's Body shop

Wright & Son Automotive

demo trophies


This webpage subject to changes and additions before the fair.